Friday, November 9, 2007

OMG! What a day

I am still wiped out from yesterday. No one warned me that working a "trade show" was going to be hard work. I was so tired by the end of the day I didn't even make it to the "pajama party." We'll just have to see what AWTM, Sarah, and Andi have to say about that.

Let's see, I met Teflon Don, Christian Lowe, Michael Goldfarb. And probably 100 other people. I can't remember everything. And I was trying to do actual work while I was there.

Sarah liveblogged the first milblog panel: Hey, What's a Milblog? The panel was moderated by Christian Lowe from Defense Tech.

Excellent. I won't summarize what has already been written by Sarah. I really liked Bill Roggio's comment that a milblog isn't just a warblog, but the community includes spouses and significant others. Classy guy.

Sarah also liveblogged the second miblog panel: To Blog or Not to Blog: Milbloggers, the DoD, and the Media.
  • Moderator: Ward Carroll from
  • Matt Burden from Blackfive
  • Michael Totten from Middle East Journal
  • Jack Holt, the DoD blogger outreach coordinator
  • Claude Chafin, from the White House
Coming up today, From the Front and Meanwhile, Back on the Homefront. And more people to meet. Very exciting, if tiring, time here.