Monday, October 8, 2007

iPod your help

I need your help. I recently came into possession of an iPod. I have been toying with the idea of getting one or asking for one for Christmas, but PLOP! this one fell into my lap. How in the world did that happen? ;-)

I was thinking I would use it to listen to podcasts of NPR, but that seems, well, so typical of something I might do. Or maybe classical music. Or maybe Lyle Lovett -- talk about a sultry voice. ;-)

Then I was over at Slightly Salty's place recently and read her post about songs for deployment. She wanted to know what songs we listen to while our honeys are away. Of course, I'm like, uhhh ... ummm ... *head scratching* ... music? Like, what's that? Oh, all those dusty old CDs I occasionally think about.

So I need your help coming up with playlists. How are these for topics?

"Deployment Downers." Songs about separations from love for when I need to really bawl my eyes out and not stifle my crying. Could include losing love and all that kind of sappy crying music.

"Strength of Steel." About being strong in the face of adversity for when I need a little encouragement.

"Move It, Move It." For when I need to, well, move it, move it like they do in Madagascar. You know, have a little fun. (I completely admit to dancing to the end credits of that movie ... everytime.)

"Cool Classics for Inspiration." I like to write listening to instrumentals, but I am rather picky. I love classical music. I love big band too. I love piano and strings. I am not a fan of the winds or horns -- too much blowing. ;-)

I welcome any input -- including better playlists.

Let's have some fun with this! :D