Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still here . . . kinda

There really isn't much going on that seems worthy of blogging about. Here are a few highlights of the past couple months.

Jack Bauer has been home for more than a year now.

The last job I applied for on post went to someone who worked in Jack's department. I was pissed. PISSED!!!! I didn't even get an interview. It uncovered some larger hurdles in the trying-to-get-a-job-on-post game. And it is clearly a game to those already in it. Haha. Joke's on me. Got it. Moving on.

I applied for another job on post. I was asked to apply for the job by the people I'd be working for. My hope level of even getting an interview are very close to zero. At least now I know it is a game and the joke's on me. (Not that I am bitter or anything. OK. Clearly I am.)

Finally got one of the banks to stop calling about when we are going to pay them for the house in Middleville. We had to write them, state that they were violating the Fair Credit Act (or whatever it is called). The house remains on the market, zero offers. The Housing Assistance Program, which was expanded to include military people in our situation, claimed to start funding the program mid-April, then mid-May, and now it is all a big mystery. As far as I am concerned it is just more lip service. Life moving at the speed of businessbeaurocracy.

I found out the reason my job last three weeks. It was because of not being able to make the January payment for the Middleville house. So if I had been able to make the January payment then I would have been able to keep the job and make the payments for February, March, April, May, etc. (Irony.)

Jack had his gym bag stolen from the on-post gym locker room. Cars keys. Wallet. Uniform. Military ID. Credit cards. Dog tags. We had to get new locks for the house, buy new keys and reprogram my keys for both cars. He filed a claim for $1300.

For having spent so much time apart with his deployments, we did very well financially. We got rid of over $55K in credit card debt and had more than $12K in savings. The savings is virtually gone. Cynicism and bitterness are creeping in everyday.

I do believe this is the SUCK I am supposed to be embracing. Cuz it sure does suck. Maybe more than deployment. And I mean the entire 28-month thing.

And one more thing. Jack's computer is on its last leg and mostly collects dust while it waits to be replaced. Somehow. With unknown extra money.

I will post something good at some point. Just not today.