Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming!

Well, the in-laws have to get here first, before Christmas gets here. I am very lucky in that I not only have a wonderful husband, but I also have wonderful in-laws. They'll be here in a few hours and should be here for a week. We are planning on doing hiking and enjoying the outdoors and taking in the local scene.

I'm not done with Christmas shopping. I am waiting for enlargements to come in. (Sorry to spoil the surprise, Mom and Sister. It's OK. They usually get something I took a picture of.) I need to figure out how to wrap an AR lower. Do I find a box somewhere or do I cover every inch, trigger and all, in paper? (And Jack Bauer bought it himself. There is no surprising Jack Bauer.)

But I am really looking forward to our first Christmas together in three years. We probably went overboard getting an 8-foot tree, but we've got the space. Nice to have the house decorated. I didn't do any decorating while Jack was deployed. I think there are greens in everyroom, including the bathroom. (I just use the branches from bottom of the tree that had to be cut off to fit into the stand. I spread them around the windowsills and tuck them in the top of hanging pictures.)

So the job front. Looks like things are on hold until after New Year's Day. Not surprising. Working people are taking time off, and when they are able to get to their desks to work, they are thinking about what's in front of them, wrapping up what is absolutely needed.

No change in news on the house-selling front. It will sell. One day.

My Tastefully Simple business is going well. I had my Blast Off Party this last week. It was a great deal of fun! And while I was hoping to get more bookings, I knew the chances of that happening from the group of women there was slim. I'd already asked them. Best I can hope for is to make them repeat customers and convince them to host a party some time down the line. Thanks again to many of my readers who are now my Tastefully Simple customers. I've signed up to go to the Regional Conference in February. If you are interested in getting on my e-mail list to learn more about the wonderful, easy-to-prepare (add no more than 2 ingredients to get gourmet food) products, please e-mail me at AT

So that's what's going on in my life. If I don't "talk" to you between now and Thursday, have a very Merry Christmas.