Monday, February 2, 2009

Just the short of it

While I was busy making plans for my last two weeks before starting my job, the universe had other plans. I start next Monday. So in my last week of domestic-ness I got to get movin'. And I will be out of town Friday through Sunday. Maybe a list is in order.

  • Make list (Monday).
  • Finish painting bedroom (Monday & Tuesday; couldn't get it all done today). There is glue on the ceiling, btw. Itsdone!Itsdone!Itsdone!
  • Get clothes ready for first week of work, including ironing.
  • Download, print, and complete all the paperwork I need to take on Day 1.
  • Vacuum and clean floors.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Clean out and organize living room "organizational system" (i.e., the storage ottoman).
  • Straighten up second office.
  • Take care of Moo after her "procedure" to remove the owie on her lip (Tuesday). She seems to be recovering nicely. Suture line looks good. We'll get pathology results in a few days. No chewing on bones for two weeks (this will be a tough one for the champion chewer). Poor girl, had to have half her face shaved, whiskers and all.
  • Pack for trip (Thursday).
  • Go to Tastefully Simple on Tour in San Diego (Friday through Sunday).
  • Make menu for next week so Jack Bauer can go to the commissary on Sunday before I get home.
That seems like enough to keep me busy for a few minutes.