Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving thanks

Yeah, I've been a little neglectful around here. I've been busy doing the same thing day after day. Searching for a job is the toughest job I think I've ever had. You see, our house in Middleville is still unsold. No offers have been made. And we are running out of savings to keep paying for it. We are already talking to our banks about this. This is a very depressing situation.

But I am working on looking at the bright side of things. Jack Bauer is home with me. We live in a big spacious house with gorgeous views all around. I've met some wonderful people here and the area is very comfortable, homey; I feel at place here. We live close enough to my parents that we can drive to see them, my sister, my nephew, my 99-year-old grandmother, my uncle, my cousin, and his wife later today for Thanksgiving. I even get to see my old hairstylist, who still cuts my mother and my sister's hair, to come in special on Saturday just to tackle the hair that was cute in July but needed some up keep that I have neglected. And to cover inches of gray. (I'm 36 and my temples have gone completely gray. I shouldn't have this much gray!) Of course, I am most thankful to have a loving, healthy, and supportive family.

So I am also working on letting go of what I can't control. And having a little faith that things will work out. Two signs that I needed to have faith have come into my life in the last week. First, I was at the spouses' club luncheon last week when I sat next to the woman who is in charge of employment readiness on post. I spent three hours with her yesterday learning how to make my Army civilian resume work to get a job on post. Her middle name that is part of her email address? Faith.

The second was this past Monday when I was attending a Tastefully Simple home party. I've never seriously considered doing direct sales until I came across this company. Part of the consultant's email address? You got it, faith. So I am taking a little leap of faith -- little only because Tastefully Simple doesn't require much of a buy in -- and signing up to be a consultant.

Focusing on having faith and being thankful for the abundance I already have is going to save my sanity through this difficult time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.