Thursday, November 13, 2008

Valor-IT Needs Your Help

Soldiers' Angels has a great program that enables our military wounded to better communicate. Think about how much time we spend on the Internet, whether it is chatting with friends in gmail chat or updating our Facebook status or connecting with our family members scattered around the country or around the world. Now imagine that is all gone, or trying to have someone else do that connecting while trying to recover from wounds. A few days away from the computer and I am batty. It is hard to imagine how it must feel for our injured soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors.

Project Valour-IT has stepped in to fill that void by providing voice-activated software to get our guys and gals back online. And they need our help. Even as budgets are tight, there is usually a few dollars to be spared. So consider foregoing that venti nonfat, extra foam, pumpkin spice latte for a few days and reach down and send those dollars to Project Valour-IT instead. If this out-of-work desperate job seeker can find a few bucks, maybe you can, too. I promise you'll feel better. So click on that little donate button above to make it happen.