Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting into a groove

I'm getting back into a groove, having my days to myself. There are several areas I want my days to focus on: fitness, social networking, my Tastefully Simple business, and housekeeping. I've scheduled time in my day for each of these. What do those of you who aren't going off to work everyday schedule your days?

Fitness: I'm walking the dogs in the early morning, which is great because the sunrises here are just beautiful. (And there are no rattlesnakes out!) I'm increasing the distance a little each day. And I'm doing a little pilates and yoga on top. I know that if I don't start off slow, I'll either injure myself or get frustrated and quit. So it is slow going to start. I'll make it up to the level of these ladies: Sara (with crossfit), Wendy (with running), and ABW (with running). You gals are an inspiration! Who else is working the fitness?

Social Networking: Checking Facebook and reading more blogs. And, of course, posting here more.

Tastefully Simple: You all have been so supportive of me getting my business started. And I am so lovin' it! I had such a great time in San Diego at the conference. This is such a fantastic company: debt-free AND growing AND hiring! I've shared this opportunity with some of you, but unfortunately I don't have everyone's email address. So if you are looking for an income or just something fun to do, email me at AT I would LOVE to tell you more about how much FUN you could be having. :D

Housekeeping: With two dogs and a cat, there is always cleaning to be done! These beasties shed faster than I can vacuum it up. Beyond basic cleaning, I will be working on getting the one junk room turned into a working, resting, reading space for me!