Monday, March 23, 2009

Just hanging

Not much going on here.

Last week was Spring Break and all regularly scheduled activities were canceled. Post was quiet. I would have never thought so many people in charge could take off at the same time.

This past weekend we went to visit Jack Bauer's uncle who lives about 3 hours from here. We hadn't seen him since our wedding 10 years ago. I met one of Jack's cousins for the first time. We got to hang by the pool, do a little hiking, and learn shuffleboard (not the Love Boat kind). Turns out that shuffleboard is way fun and I almost beat Jack's uncle who's been playing for a zillion years. We'll have to go back to play some more. (While I understand that shuffleboards are frequently found in bars out West, this shuffleboard was on their backyard patio. I'm not likely to take up bar hopping here in Cav Canyon just to play shuffleboard.)

Otherwise, just keeping busy with my Tastefully Simple business and getting some exercise and working on getting organized.