Monday, May 5, 2008


Jack Bauer is now in the same time zone I am. WooHoo! We get to talk on the phone now and not wonder about how many hours different it is. The math has gone out the window.

Yesterday I think we talked on the phone at least 7 times while he was trying to transit from the East Coast to the middle. That is really special for us. We hardly ever spoke on the phone during this deployment. It was just too much pressure to try to fill some time when we'd basically said everything that was going on in e-mail and IM. He'd call me when he needed to hear my voice.

But now, that has instantly changed. I can pick up the phone and call him. Whenever I like. Aside from leave, I haven't been able to really do that for almost 2 years. I might have to call him on my way home from work. Just because I can. Yes, I am feeling quite smug about this. :D