Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This and that

Nothing quite like vacation to throw off the schedule. I've been off work for a few days so Jack Bauer and I could take care of stuff and begin to readjust to living together.

After a couple of test drives, a ton of emails, and more phone calls received than during the entirety of the deployment, we bought a car. Once we got an email with a nice low quote, we went back to the dealer and negotiated a great price. And with financing in hand, we were able to get a better interest rate, too. So WOOHOO, I got a new Honda CRV! Dark blue. Since I was 18, I have driven red cars. This must be me entering my "Blue Period." Anyway, I am super excited. And a new car is definitely better than jewelry as a "surviving deployment present." (OK, so we actually needed a second car, and we had decided long ago that I get the next new car. Of course, we didn't need a second car until Jack came home.) But now we've got a red car and a blue car sitting in our white garage. :D

Also yesterday, I registered for the September 6 SpouseBuzz Live Event in Norfolk, VA. Jack will be in school not to terribly far away. Might even bring other spouses who are also at this school. I am very much looking forward to meeting those of you who live in that area. See you then.:D