Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still learning

It is interesting what things I am learning about myself now that Jack Bauer is home.

Sunday night I was still not feeling well, and before I went to bed, I made a pass through the kitchen. Staring exhaustedly at a sink full of dirty dishes, I sneered at the plates and forks and wondered why Jack Bauer hadn't finished the dishes before he went to bed. "Screw it," I thought. And I went off to bed without raising a finger in the kitchen or my voice in the bedroom.

Monday morning came super early as we've started new hours at work and I don't really want to be hitting snooze 25 times in the morning (lest I get smacked in the nose from Jack crawling over me to turn off my alarm). I stumbled into the kitchen to make some morning brew. Those same dishes were there, dirty, staring at me, mocking my frustration. Then it occurred to me, I really like to have the kitchen clean, especially in the morning. Perhaps that is why for the last 2+ years I have cleaned the kitchen every night before I go to bed. (Mom, I blame you for passing this gene on to me.)

So this takes me back to the night before. Why hadn't Jack cleaned the kitchen before he went to bed? Wait, wait, wait. Could it be that cleaning the kitchen isn't as important to him as it is to me? How could that be?!? Maybe I could get him to do it? And then for the second time in one morning and before a single sip of coffee, I got struck with insight. Since the having a clean kitchen is important to me, maybe, just maybe I should just make sure I that it happens. You know, do it "myself."

Now, I know, you are probably sitting there thinking "duh," but to me this was an epiphany. Old me habits showing themselves and finding a new me solution to the problem. I think this is representative of the new me working along side my new husband. I think it will work just fine.