Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm still here

We had a busy weekend, but tried to take it easy. Jack Bauer is getting settled in and is balancing working out with working on the house. He has done a great job working on cleaning out our basement and doing some yard work, both of which I have put off, well, for years.

Yesterday, Jack and I were coming home from yoga in separate cars. We pulled up to a light, me just ahead of him. For some unknown reason, this light has a "No right on red" sign and we needed to turn right. I looked in my rearview mirror, smiled, and picked up the phone and call Jack. I asked him if I should turn despite the red light and the sign. I called him, just because I could. :D

I think Jack is enjoying yoga. He was able to do a shoulder stand last night, with some help, after snickering at the seemingly impossibility of such a pose. But he did it, even though it is super scary the first time. I am so proud of him.

The doggies are very happy he is home to give them the love and attention that they haven't been getting for the last couple of years. Last night, Jack was reclining on the couch with Moo all leaning up against him for an hour-long tummy rub. Poor Moo definitely get did not that from me; she was luckily if she got 5 minutes. (And it sounds like our dear sweet cat is having a grand time with grandparents.)

Bottom line: It is great to have Jack Bauer home saving the world one house at a time.