Saturday, May 17, 2008


In less than 2 months, we will no longer reside in Middleville. So we are looking at the things we want to do around town before we head out.

Today we are doing one of them. I scored some sweet seats to today's baseball game. We haven't been to a game in the new stadium. (Those old law firm contacts sure come in handy for unwanted season tickets.)

Let's see what we need to take with us:

  • Sunscreen? Packed.
  • Binoculars (necessary to properly check out those guys in their white pants)? Both sets are in the car.
  • Umbrella (in case that sprinkle the weather guy is talking about actually pans out)? Thought about and almost in the bag.
  • Appropriate sports gear (hat, shirt, large finger, beer sipping cap)? Well, maybe just the hat and polo shirt.
  • Cash so we can buy $10 for a diet coke, $12 for a beer, $8 for a hot dog? Still need to get that.
  • Jack Bauer? Oh yeah, won't forget to take him.
This should be a fun day. You all doing anything fun this weekend?