Friday, June 13, 2008

A jaw-dropping difference

Jack Bauer stayed busy around the house yesterday. His plan was to take apart a large doghouse he had built years ago. A landscaper was planning to come today to start the transformation of our dog-dedicated back yard into something other than an eye sore.

I pulled into the garage and walked out into the yard expecting to see that 2-foot high weeds had grown another 2 inches. But as I stepped out, I stopped in my tracks and my jaw dropped open. Apparently, Jack had been a little busier than I thought. There were NO weeds. And I mean none, zero, zilch. I walked into another back yard entirely. There were no clippings all over the place, no stray pieces of branches or dead leaves. It was all gone. A miracle had happened at Camp Toenges.

As you might suspect, the landscaper managed to come to the house yesterday. If I had known that such a miracle could be had for a few hundred dollars, I woud have called him years ago.

But right now we have a pretty blank slate of a yard. Tomorrow he will begin the work of making it truly into someone else's yard with mulch and this stuff called seed that apparently grows into grass. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Oh, and Jack did get the doghouse down and removed. ;-)