Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two-weeks notice

It's official. I quit my job yesterday.

A little scary to not have anything lined up. But I have prepared for this and it should be alright.

The last time I left a job without something else was before law school 9 years ago when I quit my ER nursing job a month before we move from the West Coast to the Middle.

I'm excited about our upcoming moves and taking a break from working full time. But I must admit I am nervous.

You'll like this. (I will preface with my boss is a wonderful, supportive woman without much exposure to the military.) When I told my boss that we are going active duty, she reactively said, "WHY??" I laughed and explained that it is a good move for us and a sense of duty. She assumed that we had no choice in this and I set her straight on that.