Monday, June 9, 2008

Season 2

Coming back from a week-long vacation is a major bummer. Lots of little daily things to get back to, like laundry and grocery shopping. And thinking about getting the house ready to sell. But we did together, um, except for the laundry, which I have gladly turned over to Jack Bauer.

After errand running, we got a little organized then had hamburgers and roasted red peppers. Yum!

Then we watched the season premiere of Army Wives. I had tears in my eyes for the entire show. I found that fact to be interesting mainly because I don't recall having that much emotional attachment to the show for the first season. I think the tears come from (besides the good writing of the episode) letting my guard down now that Jack is back.

But some of the tears I think is the coming back to together with some of my battle buddies, the characters that represent different aspects of me, of all of military spouses, that I completely identify with. As we sit in the comfort of our living rooms, relaxed and logical, I am sure we all know that 2 men in civilian clothes at our doorstep means something other than they are there to tell us our husband is dead. But their confusing presence isn't much comfort when we are all worked up with worry in those first days of the first deployment. And some days those pajamas are the only comfort we can find and hanging out in them all day seems perfectly reasonable. It is wonderful to have friends who will point out the obvious -- like the Army will tell you if something has happened to your husband so no news is good news -- and snap you back to reality, even if it is just for a little while.

I didn't watch last night's episode alone. Jack watched too, but it was difficult for him (although he did mention that the uniforms looked pretty good) I think seeing the what Roxie was dealing with. But I completely identified with it. I doubt I am alone on that.

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