Monday, June 23, 2008

Moving along

This getting the house ready for selling thing is hard work. This last week we made some major progress. Jack Bauer got the basement cleared out, cleaned out, and stuff sold on Craig's List, and with the cash we went to see Get Smart (surprisingly good) and a nice dinner at Maggiano's. Got the basement cleaned enough that we painted the walls yesterday. I'm still high off the fumes.

We met with the real estate agent earlier in the week. I brought her into a messy house but she was still impressed with the amount of stuff we had gotten done already. Once we finish in the basement, it will just be a matter of cleaning and organizing and staging the main floor of the house. We got about 25 days to it all in. No problem.

Oh and I forgot to mention. Our grass is beginning to come in. Woohoo!

And one more thing. Just 5 days of work left. Then I am a full-time Army Wife. :D