Thursday, January 15, 2009

A bit of work and a bite at some more

Got a temp job. Transcribing a 2.5-hour hearing from a CD. They think it will take 8 hours. I think it will take maybe twice that. They need it by Tuesday. It is a 4-day weekend. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend. Of course, I have virtually no experience transcribing. But I can type fairly fast.

Got a call from the HR person at the clinic on post about an RN position. Not sure how much she read of my resume. She didn't seem to understand that I hadn't practiced in almost 10 years. Nonetheless, she wants to interview on Friday, yes, on the training holiday. Interesting to see what happens with that.

1230: Uh, yeah. I drove 20 miles to pick up the assignment and sat in their offices for an hour while they figured out what they really wanted to do. I left empty handed and drove straight to the temp agency, 35 miles. I am not a happy camper 3.5 hours after this began. At the agency they were somewhat sympathetic and offered me a job paying $9/h this Saturday. Should be simple enough.

I guess it is back to painting the smallest room with the tallest ceiling.