Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good News from Iraq: 15 Jan 2009

From MNF-I, Arab Jabour Opens New Police Station.

BAGHDAD — The citizens of Arab Jabour may notice more Iraqi Security Forces on the roads and in the community than normal, thanks to the efforts of the Government of Iraq and its dedication to the security of its people.

Community leaders, ISF commanders and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers gathered in the rural farming community in southern Baghdad’s Rashid district for the grand opening of a new Iraqi Police station, Jan. 11.

“There was a big turnout of all the local leaders and ISF members,” said Capt. Kip Kowalski, a company commander with the 4th Infantry Division. “They all showed up to commemorate this great event, which is a good feeling because they are all working together toward security improvements.”

The new IP station greatly increases the number of security forces in the area by providing more uniformed Policemen, explained Kowalski.

Kowalski said Coalition Soldiers partnered with the local ISF before the ceremony to provide security and to minimize the U.S. presence inside the Police station.

To memorialize the station, the Provincial Directorate of Police in Baghdad, Maj. Gen. Kadhum Hameed Al-Mihimidawy, cut the ribbon on the station and blessed the event.

Since the Government of Iraq implemented the Security Agreement Jan. 1, all Coalition patrols require an ISF presence, which accommodates Kowalski’s mission by providing access to more ISF patrols.

“Everything we do is with the IP, and this increased security allows us to move around with them more often,” Kowalski said.

The added security in the neighborhood gives more responsibility to the ISF, said Kowalski.

Salam Saleh Muhammed, a former Sons of Iraq security member, recently graduated from the Furat IP Academy in northwest Rashid and began working at the Arab Jabour station.

“My feelings are like any decent person,” stated Muhammed, a 30-year resident of Arab Jabour. “I like to serve my country and people.”

Muhammed said he feels safer since the major security improvements in the Rashid district, Baghdad and Iraq occurred.

Muhammed also said he is proud to serve as an IP because many of his family members served in the Iraqi Army.

“I want to continue to provide services to civilians and spread security in the community,” he added.

Kowalski and the Soldiers of the 1st Bn., 505th PIR recently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from Fort Bragg, N.C., and assumed control of eastern Rashid.