Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News from Iraq: 22 Jan 2009

From MNF-I, Iraqi, Coalition Soldiers Conduct Humanitarian Food Delivery.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Army and Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers handed out humanitarian aid packages to children attending Al Karama School for girls in the Suleikh district here, Jan. 19.

The patrol left early in the morning from Forward Operating Base War Eagle to link up with their IA counterparts in Suleikh to conduct their first joint-HA drop during the span of their 15-month tour.

“Our mission today was to receive assistance drop packages and assist the Iraqi Army in handing them out in the Suleikh area as needed,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jason Obermuller, a platoon sergeant with MND-B.

“It was our first HA drop but I knew that the IA leadership that we had over there are real good at what they do. They have been getting on the ground and becoming more proactive,” said Obermuller.

The IA and Coalition forces arrived to a school filled with curious students, but all it took was the voice of Staff Sgt Zachary Walker saying: “We come bearing gifts. Do not worry. No problem,” in broken Arabic to ease the tension of the crowd.

Minutes later, teachers began to line up the now relaxed schoolgirls in an orderly fashion while the IA and Coalition Soldiers distributed 100 humanitarian aid packages to the students. Each package contains noodles, peas, canned meat, rice, beans and tea – enough to feed a family one full meal.

While the students grabbed their large bag of goods and carried them to class, Iraqi Army Lt. Col. Ibrahim, 11th IA Div., addressed the children to ensure they understood why they had visited the school.

“We are here for you. This is part of our job. We are here to serve you and protect you and provide anything that you may need to keep you and your families happy,” he said.