Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The MOST difficult paint job EVER!

I am declaring the job done. For anyone considering repainting a 3x5' room with a 12-foot high ceiling with two different colors of paint on opposing walls and the ceiling needs to be painted as well and there is a large immovable object in the room (e.g., a toilet), you might want to seriously think about whether you can live with what is already there.

This was by far the most difficult paint job I have undertaken. But it is done. And worth it. The entire room, ceiling included, was bright purple. And a poor paint job to boot. (It looks like purple paint was spilled while doing the job as there is paint smeared on the baseboards.) The closest color I can describe it as is the color used in the title of the latest Military Spouse Magazine. The. Entire. Room. That's a lotta color for such a small space. I even cleaned up the purple off of the toilet itself.

Now while I am relieving myself I can look at a nice sage colored wall in front of me with cottage white to my sides.

With the worst of the paint situation corrected, I can now move onto getting rid of the gold paint in the bedroom. The entry cove, including the outlet covers, and the archway into the bathroom (not the same on both sides mind you) are gold. Then there are the three foot-wide gold stripes of gold painted along one wall. It must have been painted by the same incompetent painter as the commode. It is sooooo uneven and that which is supposed to go to the baseboards and ceiling does not make it all the way. (It's called tape and an edger, people!)

Have a mentioned the sponge painting in the formal living room that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling? As in there are about four feet of wall above where the sponging stops. Who does this in a rental house?

OK. I'll stop my bitching. Maybe I'll take some before and after pics of the bedroom project.