Friday, January 16, 2009

Spa Day! Or how to help a hand.

With no job and living in a remote location, spa day has a different meaning here in Cav Canyon. One of the fabulous ladies I met here -- the one introduced me to Tastefully Simple, actually -- is a consultant for BeautiControl, a direct sales company specializing in beauty care products. Last night we had a spa party at my house!

It is so dry here that some items, like good lotion, have gone from being a luxury item to being a more economical way to spend money on a necessity, simple because they are more effective. One area in particular is in need of help: the hands. I must wash my hands at least 20 times a day, and if I don't put on lotion after a couple of washings, my hands get rough and begin to crack.

One item that has definitely helped has been BeautiControl's Instant Manicure. When family was visiting over the holidays, my mother-in-law, my mother, and my sister all tried it. Their reaction was the same as mine. "Oh, wow." In fact, Jack Bauer tried it last night. Same reaction. The instant manicure is a scrub with Dead Sea Salts to get rid of the dead skin and natural oils to moisturize. To further the manicure effect, you may also enjoy the Show of Hands Cuticle Buffing Creme or the Cuticle Oil Pen. Finish off the, try the Paraffin Treatment. Check out the entire line of hand products in addition to the many other spa treatments.

At my spa party last night, I got the Cuticle Buffing Creme, the Paraffin Treatment, Cuticle Salve (for Jack), and Age Defying Hand Treatment.

If you are interested in adding an order to my party, let me know ( AT and I will give the name of my consultant so you can order online.