Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Picked up 300 while shopping at Target on Sunday. I thought would watch that instead of the Super Bowl. The men in the movie have less clothes on and they are Soldiers. What could be hotter?

Well, life had other plans for me and I spent the entire night in the ER waiting to get stitched up. (I can now type with 9 fingers for a period time.)

But after getting a few hours of sleep during the day, I lied down to rest my arm and hand and watched 300. And all I can say is wow. Those are some ripped bodies. At one pint I realized I wasn't listening to what they were saying.

Hottie hot hotties aside, I thought is was a great movie. Excellent tale of Spartans going off to battle. It was simply a great looking movie. I loved the way it was shot. It is adapted from a graphic novel and keeps to that genre in the spectacular scenes. Here is the link to the trailer.

If you are up for watching battle, this is definitely a good movie for the wife of a deployed Soldier.