Monday, February 18, 2008

What's going on

A general update on me.

The thumb that I sliced super bad 2 weeks ago continues to heal. Slowly. I had 5 stitches in for 10 days, went to the doctor for a wound check, and he took out 4 of the stitches. Hmmm. Part of the wound that WAS stitched wasn't healing. The flap was very edematous and still continues release serosanguinous fluid. After 5 days of butterfly closures and tight bandaids (Hello Kitty and My Little Pony worked the best), I think it might be healed enough to get the last stitch out this afternoon. I obviously cut a lot of nerves, but hopefully feeling will return, someday. But I must say, that this has been incredibly frustrating because I think it should have healed by now. Besides, it is really difficult to put on a bra without that thumb. Humphf!

Day job has been busy. My attitude adjustment is helping me get through the days.

Something I haven't talked about it a long time, my super secret job. Fabulous. Love it. Going very well and keeping me super secret busy. :D

Weight loss. Going well, mostly. But the last 2 weeks I let the thumb injury and a very busy job stuff (both jobs) get in my way. Getting back on track today.

Next step with the Army. Well obviously there is a lack of clarity and certainty that I would like. I just keep telling myself what ever happens, it will be OK so long as Jack Bauer and I are able to be together. Of course, being in the Army, we will be apart in the future, but after what we've been through for the last 25.5 months, most every thing will seem short. For now, Jack is doing well in his position in southern Iraq, and should be coming home sometime between mid-spring and mid-summer, depending on some of those things I'd like more clarity and certainty about. Uggg. (Note to self: get used to it.)

Doggies are doing good. Cat too. I need to start working on the house projects again and contemplate packing and working with a real estate agent. At some point well be moving. It may be in 5 months, it could be in a year. Regardless, I need to get busy. That stimulus package will help with some cosmetic repairs. How stimulating.