Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 19 Feb 2008

From MNF-I, Soldiers Find Large Weapons Cache.

BAGHDAD — Multi-National Division - Baghdad Soldiers discovered a substantial weapons and munitions cache in Adhamiyah, a district in northeast Baghdad Feb. 15.

Acting on a tip from a local Iraqi, Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division discovered the cache at approximately 8:30 p.m.

The cache consisted of 36 107mm rockets, 29 MJ1 fuses, five dual rocket launcher tubes, 37 120mm mortar rounds, 54 81mm mortar rounds, 30 hand grenades, six M80 portable one-shot 64mm anti-tank weapons, 13 rocket-propelled grenade rounds, 15 RPG motors, five RPG launchers, four mortar tubes, two mortar tripods, one mortar sight, 10 antipersonnel mines with ball bearings, nine new AK-47s, two MP5 submachine guns, two sniper scopes, 72 packages of 200 rounds each 7.62 linked ammunition, three packages 100 rounds each DSHKA rounds, a DSHKA tripod, a DSHKA mount, two DSHKA barrels, approximately 1,500 miscellaneous small-arms rounds and improvised-explosive device components, including three large bags of motorcycle batteries, washing machine timers and wires.

“These were weapons ready to be used against the Iraqi people,” said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, MND-B and 4th Inf. Div. spokesman. “Countless lives were saved because one concerned Iraqi citizen tipped off coalition forces about this cache.”

Coalition explosive ordnance disposal teams deemed all the weapons and munitions safe to move and transported the items back to a coalition forces base.