Monday, February 11, 2008

Can I get off the teeter-totter?

Up. Down. Up, down. Up down. Updown.

I think I need to off this stupid teeter-totter.

Or maybe someone could just wave a magic wand.

Or maybe if I click my heels three times.

Maybe then I could go back asleep and live in the world where I don't have to think about this thing called war.

Last night I was at a dinner in a very upscale home with some folks I went to the retreat with in November. Smart, intelligent, spiritual women.

Someone asked about Jack Bauer and the coversation generally turned to politics and war. I shut up and shut down. Someone said that she had read about Ernie Pyle and WWII recently. "You would have thought that we would have figured out by now that we don't need war." I don't have the energy to explain, to teach, to argue about any of it.

I got up at one point and a woman, who I didn't know, cornered me and asked me how I felt about hearing conversations like that. I told her that it is very difficult for me. I didn't bother to explain further.

And no, it wasn't lost on me the irony of these "enlightened" women, who are so compassionate about so many things, becoming vicious attack dogs when it comes to this war and this administration.