Friday, September 26, 2008

Banned items

Now that I am out Middleville, I am getting things ready to move out of C-ville. Which means, I am go through the boxes I brought back with me.

When I went to empty the house, I knew I had to collect all our liquids and decide what to do with them. I brought most of them back here; I would hate to have to buy all these cleaning supplies once we got to our next station.

But there were several items that I totally spaced on.

Batteries. There are in stinkin' everything. EVERYTHING. 4 AAA batteries. 20 AA batteries. (I know what you are thinking, and NO, these are not from those items, so shush! Besides, I was thinking ahead.)

Matches. 19 books.

Bic Lighter.

Fuel in Coleman stove, which has probably been there for years and years and years. Luckily they let me empty the container and rinse it out. Won't say how.

No stray bullets were found. And while I was told that no chemicals were allowed, I was able to convince them that OxiClean and Cascade powder were not in that category.

For a first PCS, I think that is pretty good.