Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 25 Sept 2008

From MNF-I, Joint Air Operation Tightens Clamp on Remaining Few AQI.

BALAD — In 2006 the city of Balad was a melting pot for sectarian violence. Today, it’s an example of security and economic progress.

This progress is a direct reflection of 12 months of successful Coalition and Iraqi operations which have placed a clamp on major insurgent activities in and around the predominately Shia city.

With the organization of ‘Sons of Iraq’ (Sawha) groups, and the ever increasing capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, criminal activity in the once restive city has decreased dramatically.

Even with the overall successes in the Balad Qada, the enemy is still actively pursued. Operations aimed at maintaining a secure atmosphere in the Qada remain a priority.

In an effort to continue the positive trend, U.S. Soldiers and members of the Iraqi National Police’s Justice Battalion, conducted Operation Abbeville, Sept. 19.

Abbeville was an air assault operation targeting Al Qaeda in Iraq facilitators in the village of Darwish.

“This operation confirmed reporting that the people of the village were intimidated into providing sanctuary to AQI members,” said Capt. Tony Keller, Bravo Troop commander. “Hopefully the intelligence we received from this operation will allow us to develop future operations targeting these AQI elements.”

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