Friday, September 5, 2008

Off to SpouseBUZZ Live

I'm off to the Norfolk area later today to see some of my favorite imaginary friends, including meeting some for the first time, and to meet completely new people too. But one thing we'll all have in common is that we are milspouse sisters.

Now, I will say that I am not really a naturally outgoing person. I do it in these circumstances because I know it is good for me and it is what I actually want. But that doesn't not mean it is easy or comfortable for me. So it is all an act. Well, at least at first.

Here's my MO. I meet someone for the first time in person, I am reserved at first. Some people might describe it as being standoffish. (I'm working on that.) I don't why I do this. Some self-protection I suppose. Chances are if you are a talker, I will just let you talk. I promise I warm up after a while, and the next thing you'll know I am a regular Chatty Cathy. You'll know I am really comfortable when I start dropping f-bombs or start snorting when I laugh.

And for those who will be there and haven't met me before, you will recognize me by my butterfly necklace. If I don't recognize you, please come introduce yourself to me. I promise I won't bite. (Everyone knows butterflies don't bite!) See you soon!