Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Operation Eagle Eye: Day 1

Mission: Ensure safe packing of household goods. Ensure items to remain with house are not packed. Ensure toilet paper and toilet paper roll holders are present at the end of the day. Ensure light fixtures and ceiling fans are not disassembled. Ensure valued and valuable fiestaware collection and crystal collection are not damaged before my eyes.

Equipment: LASIK eyes and a keen sense of misbehavior. Attention to detail and a hawkish ability to observe mishandling from three rooms away. Ears that can hear a pin drop on carpet. Liquid soap (which they will not pack) and paper towels not to be packed supplied at each sink. One trash bag labeled "TRASH" is the only place in the house where trash may be disposed. Run air conditioning at 67 degrees to keep hot workers happy.

Sustenance: Coffee and bagels and cream cheese to encourage the morning gaggle to work hard from the get-go, and pizza and soda to get the troops through the afternoon.

Other pertinent information: Signs for "DO NOT OPEN" and "THIS STAYS HERE" placed strategically around the house. Inform each member of packing team of what stays here. Secretly run background checks on each packer.