Monday, September 15, 2008

Call me Tina

So yesterday I took to the open road across this beautiful country heading toward the middle. It was a nice easy drive with few cars on the road. That is, until I got to northern Kentucky, when the winds picked up and up and up and up. At one rest stop, the power was out. I drove on to the next exit to take care of my business and all the power was on. I assumed the power outage at the rest stop was a fluke. And I kept on driving west.

My plan was to stop in Louisville for the night. Sarah, familiar with my route, suggested a hotel and everything. As I pulled off the highway, the street lights were not functioning. Not a good sign. The businesses were dark inside. Hmmm. I arrived at my destination early and tired. And they too were without power. The winds were light and hardly any rain had fallen during the drive. I had another four hours or so to reach Middleville.

I called Jack Bauer and my friend in Middleville to get a handle on what the weather was doing. "Like a monsoon," was the description of the rains that past through Middleville earlier in the day. But from the sounds of it, the rain was now to the north of my path. So I drove on. A little wind, a little rain, but nothing more.

I arrived in Middleville after dark and physically tired but safe. The house is intact. And I got to sleep in my very own soft cozy bed last night for the first time in two months.

So just like Tina Turner, Ike can't keep this woman down!

Oh, and I am able to mooch a wireless Internet connection off of some kind neighbor. Heh.

Now I am off to work unpacking boxes and starting an inventory of sorts and taking pictures.

Catch you later.