Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gremlins vs. Angels

Monday I ran my Sunday errands. Grocery shopping, pet store, etc. I came home to a cluttered counter and placed a few bags on the stove, ran back out to the car, and came inside and dropped my load on the floor in shock. Moo had jumped up and accidentally turned on the front burner. It was still clicking, flame on high. Luckily, I had not placed anything on THAT burner.

Once I assured myself that I did not burn the other bags, I cried a good hard cry muttering "Thank you Jesus" over and over. (Um, I am not really the type of person who goes around muttering "Thank you Jesus" over and over. So this really got to me.)

Yesterday afternoon a little bird reminded me that I had attempted to burn down the house before. That got me thinking about deployment gremlins that come and do bad things around the house and otherwise mess up life while the spouse is gone. I am sure I have had my fair share. Actually, if I wanted to, I am sure I could come up with a long list of them.

But I'd rather think about all the times where my deployment angels have been watching over me. Times I am aware of, like this past Monday, and times I will never know about, like when I take a totally random route to some place I always go (I like to think that those are the angels making me avoid an accident).

Thinking about deployment angels rather than deployment gremlins certainly makes me feel like I live a blessed life, even during the more challenging times.