Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why hadn't I discovered this sooner?

Normally the TV is on at my house, but the volume is down so low that I can't actually follow what is going on. That changed when my dad arrived. It might has well have been HGTV or the Military Channel the entire time. Mostly it was HGTV.

Now, you would think that with an impending move and this old house, I might have been watching HGTV this entire deployment, but no. Never really occurred to me. I am not really a house fixer person. That's why others are trained in these things. But nonetheless, the home improvement channel was on for the last week and on full volume. So I watched.

As it turned out, the sound might as well have been down because I wasn't really listening anyway, I was mainly just looking. Did you know that there are a bunch of hunky men on HGTV? Man, I should have been watching all these fix-it-yourself shows if only for the sexy carpenters, like this Carter Oosterhouse here. And who knows, I might have been able to avoid calling the Magtag repair man.

Just one more thing to note for the next deployment. :D