Thursday, April 3, 2008

Short-timers setting in

I cut out this Note from the Universe and taped it to my computer monitor at work.

What if the word "work" was changed to "dance-with- life," Butterfly Wife? And instead of it being viewed as an alternative to fishing or a way of "paying your dues," it was seen as a chance to meet a parade of new friends, discover your own untested potentials and unpolished gifts, and open avenues for abundance to come pouring into your life?

Yeah, I bet lottery sales would plummet.

The Universe

P.S. Not to mention the office parties, donut runs, and "free" pens, Butterfly Wife ... cha, cha, cha!

So my intent is to look to discover my "untested potentials and unpolished gifts" while I am still here in Middleville.

Uggg. Yes, my eyes are rolling and I am making gagging gestures here. And I sneer at the computer screen every time I read that "note."

Maybe if I just throw myself into work full-on, neck-deep, pretend I know what I am doing the time will make it go by faster. Maybe that's what I'll do. But I am going to sneer at least once a day.