Saturday, April 12, 2008

The LAST card

I have been pretty good about sending cards to Jack Bauer. Usually 3-5 a week. Lots of postcards, quote cards, blank cards, cute cards, love cards, funny cards. I am sure there were some repeats in there. Some simple, just saying hello. Others deeply profound. All dated. I hope to go back through them some day. Sometimes I'd have him tell me what I wrote since it had usually been a couple of weeks by the time he got them. I liked it when I was surprised by what I wrote. :D

But yesterday that all came to an end. I sent the last card. I bought the last batch of cards a couple weeks ago. After having been on the constant lookout for cards for the last two years, suddenly stopping seems odd.

Just another slow, small adjustment. And another step closer to him actually being home.