Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fresh meat + Army = Blog fodder

So Jack Bauer is off at school and there are many people with no prior service experience whatsoever. None. One week ago they were civilians, and POOF! the next day they were officers in the US Army. Crazy, I know.

But this craziness means that there are lots of frustrations for my poor husband. Like yesterday. Everyone had to show up wearing their ACUs for the first time. Jack, assigned as a platoon leader for the course, went around and adjusted patches and whathaveyou as needed.

Later in the day, they were at medical and had their ACU blouses off. That's when the fun began. Where were all the belts??? Excuses ranged from "I hadn't gotten it yet" to "I forgot to put it on." But the one that takes the cake was "I don't wear belts." He knew it was part of the uniform, but just decided it wasn't his style.

Oh yeah, I am sure that guy will do well in the Army.