Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gone Painting

Jack is out of the house and on the road. Time for a list for a day when I need to be really productive.

  1. Make list of things to paint today.
  2. Paint downstairs bathroom. Now I know why people in mental institutions are crazy. It's from looking at all that white paint. Also now the off white tile in the bathroom looks like crap. Oh well.
  3. Paint kitchen.
  4. Paint upstairs bathroom. I got it prepped at least.
  5. Paint upstairs attic window.
  6. Paint entryway.
  7. Paint touch-up spots in dining room. Will take a few coats.
  8. Get yellow paint. I went ahead and did some of the touch-ups in the living room to see if the color match came out right.
Well, I think that should keep me busy for a few hours. Any and all painting advice is welcome.

9 PM: So it was an ambitious list. The downstairs bathroom was much more difficult than I thought it would be. Still have a few days left to get all this painting and more done. But I am pooped so I am done for the day.