Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 29 Jul 2008

From MNF-I, More than 500 reconcile in Tikrit, ad Dwar.

TIKRIT, Iraq – More than 500 Iraqis have reconciled with Iraqi Security and Coalition forces since late June in the cities of Tikrit and ad Dwar combined.

In Tikrit, where the people were once very loyal to Saddam’s former regime, more than 200 people have cleared their names and safely rejoined Iraqi society over the past 10 days.

Since late June in ad Dwar, more than 300 have pledged to accept the laws set forth by the Government of Iraq.

This follows the successful reconciliation that has swept across the Salah ad Din province, starting in the predominately Shi’a city of Balad in May, and then areas to its south near the Joint Base Balad. Nearly 700 people in those areas have chosen to reconcile with the GoI.

“Reconciliation has given local criminals who were tired of hiding an honorable way to come forward and publicly announce their newfound loyalty to the Government of Iraq,” said Capt. John Gabriel, commander of U.S. forces responsible for a large portion of Tikrit. “It has had a profound impact on the morale of the citizens in our area and is a guiding light to secure a fruitful future.”