Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm changing the name of this blog

This blog will henceforth be known as

Butterfly Wife's Painting Blog!

Yeah, well, maybe not. But the paint, taping, brushes, rollers, extender poles, plastic drapes have invade my life so pervasively it seems the painting is all I can think about, day and night.

So here's an update.
  1. Kitchen: Done. Need to paint a drawerfront and the cover for the doorbell.
  2. Bathroom, downstairs: Done.
  3. Bathroom, upstairs: Done even gave it a second coat yesterday.
  4. Stairwell: Done.
  5. Room of 7 Doors: Done.
  6. Basement cabinets and door: Done.
  7. Entryway: Painting it today. I think I caught a break finally. Looks like it was such a close match that it only needed one coat. About time.
  8. Dining room: I am waiting for my mom's opinion on the color situation. She gets here tomorrow.
  9. Living room: Touch-ups done.
  10. TV room: Still need to do touch-ups.
This leaves the following for the professional painter (no, not the homeless painter):
  1. Bedroom ceiling and closet
  2. Kitchen window and door
  3. Bathroom window and doors
  4. Basement windows
Now, if only I could get the painter to call me back. We are leaving in less than a week. Come on guy, call me back. You are making me nervous. I need your professional help super bad.

**UPDATE 1234 PM**
The painter is coming on Tuesday to better assess my needs. Phew!