Sunday, July 13, 2008

The MASTER list

We are on the downhill slope of this getting the house on the market thing. So that means that it is time for a list, the list to end all list, the master list, of things that must be done before 2:30 PM on Wednesday. That's when the realtor is coming to take pictures.

  1. Make list
  2. Paint dining room We got one coat one. Hopefully that will be enough. Only time will tell. Looks like it just needed touch up in a few areas, meaning, the original touch-up areas. Arrgghh! Done!
  3. Paint the drawerfront and doorbell cover
  4. Paint gouge upstairs (hmmm, wonder how that happened)
  5. Touch up basement floor
  6. Stage and clean house
    1. Kitchen: move cart to dining room, clean floor and tile on walls, clean ceiling fan, vacuum window sill, clean oven
    2. Downstairs bathroom: wash shower curtain, clean out medicine cabinet
    3. Room of 7 Doors: clean wood trim, clean floor, touch up paint
    4. Stairwell: clean wood trim, vacuum, dust light
    5. Entryway: clean wood trim, clean floor, organize closet, clean storm door, decorate table
    6. Dining room (the TV room is becoming the dining room for staging): clean wood trim, clean floor, touch up paint, organize, vacuum window sills, clean windows, restain window sill, throw away coffee table, clean chandelier, move microwave, toaster, coffeemaker to basement, tie up cords, clean up paint, decorate baker's rack, lock dining room table, clean up microwave cart
    7. Living Room: clean wood trim, clean floor, organize, vacuum window sills, vacuum couch and chair, clean light fixture
    8. Office (the dining room is becoming an office for staging)
    9. Downstairs bedroom: empty closet, make bed look pretty, clean off book shelf, clean off chest of drawers, clean wood trim, clean floor, clean fan, vacuum window sill, clean windows
    10. Upstairs bedroom: spot clean carpet, vacuum, clean fan, clean window, vacuum window sill
    11. Upstairs bathroom: clean, empty medicine cabinet and under sink
    12. Attic: vacuum, move lamp, straighten up boxes
    13. Basement: move stuff around, vacuum, set up metal shelves, touch up floor paint
    14. Back yard: clean up after dogs, leave gates unlocked, sweep sidewalks, get one stepping stone
    15. Front and side yards: clear sidewalk, sweep porch
    16. Garage: clean out, sweep
  7. Call DirecTV, AT&T, free paper to cancel service
Yeah, the last two items could easily be long lists unto themselves. It may come to that. Yeah, it came to that.

I may have to change the name of this blog to BW's List Blog.