Saturday, August 9, 2008

And one more founding father to visit

Lots of founding fathers lived around this area. So today we are off to visit the home of one more. I am sure we'll be spending lots of time doing history touring things. Jack Bauer is a history buff.

(As a side note, last weekend we were on a tour of the house of the father of the Constitution. The tour guide, all of 23 years old or so, said she was glad the Constitution was written and that there even remains one or two Constitutional issues. I had to cover my face with the tour brochure to keep from losing it completely and flat out laughing in her face. Jack couldn't help but sigh and roll his eyes and grumble under his breath to me. The rest of the tour was a joke. She clearly had no real knowledge of history, of the massive renovations to the home, and definitely not of the Constitution.)

Back to today. After the home tour, we are going to pick some nectarines and peaches. Maybe I'll figure out how to make a cobbler on the grill, which has an external thermometer. Anyone got ideas for baking on a gas grill?