Friday, August 15, 2008

Good News from Iraq: 15 Aug 2008

From MNF-I, Tikrit, ad Dwar see reconciliation numbers reach 600.

TIKRIT, Iraq – The number of individuals seeking to clear their names and reconcile with Iraqi Security and Coalition forces in the greater-Tikrit area has reached over 600 as of Aug. 13.

The people from the areas of ad Dwar, al Alam and other small towns and villages near the Salah ad Din provincial capital of Tikrit, have contributed to the large numbers of persons reconciled.

“There have been over 60 separate tribes represented and these people have now become a part of the future of Iraq,” said Maj. Phillip Borders, 1st Special Troops Battalion operations officer. “They can sleep peacefully in their beds tonight knowing that they will not be detained for the offenses that they have committed in the past.”

The number of persons who have reconciled throughout the Salah ad Din province is now approaching 1,500.