Friday, August 22, 2008

Coffe, Lunch, Reception

In less than 24 hours, I will have coffeed, lunched, and been received.

It all began last night with the local spouse club's big welcome coffee. (Last month's coffee was a welcome for the spouses accompanying the OBC soldiers ; it was a small affair.) It may have been labeled as a coffee but it was just more like a buffet dinner. Good thing we were told that there was going to be a ton of food and dinner beforehand was probably unnecessary. The group is all about fun and they have probably 15 different groups to have fun with: beading, scrapbooking, sewing, book club (we were expressly told that you do NOT have to read the book! How sweet is that?), hiking, dining, lunching, hospitality, and on and on. So when we come back here there will definitely be stuff to do. It is a small military community and these women are making the most of it. I wonder if other posts are this?

Today, we have a luncheon for the OBC spouses. Really not sure what to expect, except for food. (These ladies talked a lot about eating last night. They say when you come for the grad course, it is like the freshman 15. Good thing Gold's Gym is free. I need to get back there. And I definitely need to get back to Weight Watchers. My pants aren't fitting so well. Uggg! I guess this means I can't eat those super yummy cream cheese mini-muffins or chocolate covered donuts for breakfast anymore. Or I could workout for four hours a day. But I'm not in shape to do that. So I have to give up the donuts. Damn.)

And then tonight it is a Blues Reception, receiving line and all. According to Today's Military Wife, the spouses in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps go before the servicemember; in the Air Force, the servicemember goes first. (What's up with that, AFW???) Luckily, we are in the Army, so when it is my turn, I am to "smile, extend [my] hand, greet the first person by name, introduce [myself], and say 'How do you do?' Then move on to the next person." And as I read on ... Shoot! No cigarettes or drinks in the receiving line! How uncivilized! (please take note of sarcasm) I suppose these things need to be stated. Not everyone had National Charity League as a teenager. But at least I get to wear my fancy dress and then bitch (only to my husband, of course) about how my once incredibly comfortable shoes that I loved wearing to court are now killing my feet and how could I have ever thought they were even the slightly bit comfortable, I will never know.

Maybe we'll head out afterwards in our finest and have a fashionably late dinner with some of our new friends.

But for now I need to get ready for lunch and find some pants that fit. Wish me luck!