Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Margaritaville, maybe

Jack Bauer has a four-day weekend. And we have no solid plans. He has classmates that are traveling all over the country. Our biggest plan might be traveling to the local movie theater.

Two days ago, Jack came home at lunch and asked if we wanted to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert. My response was, "Yes" and "More information, please." Location: here in C-ville. When: unknown. Cost: free. Sure, I was a little surprised to hear that Jimmy Buffett was coming to this small town, but heck, free tickets are hard to pass up to a local event.

Yesterday evening, Jack picked up the tickets. Upon examining them, I was surprised that there was no location, no city name mentioned. Just the name of the venue. Hmmm. After a couple of google searches, I popped over to Margaritaville to see about tour dates. And what do you know, no C-ville for Mr. Buffett this weekend. He is about 80 miles away. At least it is just up the road here.

So I start looking for seating chart of this venue. And I notice the tickets are lawn seating. Am I really up for a nearly two-hour drive to sit on the grass for 90 minutes only to drive two hours back to the hotel? Sure, I like Jimmy Buffett as much as the next person, but do I like him this much?

Has anyone been to a Jimmy Buffett concert before? What are your recommendations?