Friday, August 8, 2008

Boy doggies

Since we've been here in C-ville, the doggies aren't allowed to roam free as they, and I, are used to. So every time they want to go out, they are on leash. We use a coupler so that the two of them don't get all tangled up and there is only one leash for me to hold onto. This system has worked extremely well for us for the last five years.

But this also means that Moo and Bear are right next to each other when they need to do there business. Bear, in accordance with doggie lesson #1, has decided that his sister, the incredibly tolerant princess Moo, is an acceptable item to aim for. Today it was just her hind quarter. A week ago it was her face.

Frankly, I think it is retribution for having to be her younger brother, the toughest job in this family. Poor Bear.