Friday, August 15, 2008

That kind of day

Yesterday was shaping up to be an iced venti caramel macchiato followed by a pint of B&J's Americone Dream kind of day. Let's see what's been going on.

0319: Moo dog starts a big "I need to go out NOW" kind of barking. I yell at her to shut up. (Yes, that is my highly ineffective method of dog management.)

0320: Moo is still barking. I'm still in bed.

0322: I drag my butt out of bed, search for clothes and shoes, while Moo is still barking. I begin to worry that the neighbors are going to start complaining to the front desk.

0325: Still looking for shoes. Damn! This is why I usually keep them by the bed. Yelling at Moo to be quiet seems to have paid off as she is now quiet assuming that she'll be going out momentarily.

0330: Ah, outside in the warm humid night air. Boy, do I just LOVE to get sticky in the middle of the night. Uggg. We walk to the grassy area that has just been watered. We walk all over the grass sniffing every.single.blade. And nothing.

0335: We try another patch of grass with a tree. Maybe that will be more enticing. Bear, naturally being a boy, finds the tree an acceptable target. Moo? More nothing.

0340: I give up and drag them back inside to the air conditioned civilization and to get some more sleep. Right after I relieve myself. I head into the tiled bathroom and SPLASH, SPLASH. There is water on the floor. Again. For at least the third time. I feel for the light switch and feel water coming down the doorframe. Crap. I put a towel down to catch the water so no one slips when he gets up.

0345-0520: I toss and turn in bed as Moo sleeps quietly on the couch. Darn dog. Why did you make me get up???

0521: DRIP, DRIP, DRIP. I sit up in a panic thinking the bathroom ceiling is leaking. I flip on the light and the water is leaking into the ceiling, not into our bathroom. What is the guest upstairs (who I swear has a pet rhinoceros) doing? Not paying attention to the water apparently. I shut the door to the bathroom in hopes that will keep the noise down on the off chance I can get some sleep.

0700-0900: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The alarm goes off. Jack Bauer gets breakfast. And I start my grouchy day in earnest. First, I get to complain to the desk. Engineering doesn't get in until 0900. Then there are the carpet cleaners. They were scheduled to come Tuesday and Wednesday, but no, they are such good planners, that they didn't get but 2/3rd of the hotel done in those two days. But now they are knocking on my door to see "if it would be OK to clean your carpets today." As if I really had some choice here. I should have said, "Well, I picked up all the stuff off my floor, including my husband's ruck sack filled with 30 pounds of crap, on both Tuesday AND Wednesday and today I don't feel like doing it." Alas, I played the nice, subservient, happy, smiling, overly accommodating guest and picked it all up, again.

0920: Bear starts whining while I was in the middle of a bit of work. He isn't moving toward the door. He is just lying there, giving me the poor puppy dog eyes, "it is horrible that Moo is my big sister" kind of look. Poor dog. Get over yourself. Moo is bigger and doesn't whine.

0930: Engineering shows up. They only way to know what is going on is to spend some time opening up the ceiling. Yep, that means we are given the "option" of changing rooms. Oh, Jack is just going to love this. I tell the hotel staff that I will discuss with Jack at lunch and let them know.

1015: Worn down from all the Bear whining, and with my voice going from yelling at him, I take the dogs for a walk. Finally, everyone poops and pees and shuts up.

1130: I head out to the grocery store to get a few things for lunch. The idiots are out in full force.

1215-1230: Jack and I eat lunch. He tells me I've been grouchy a lot lately. And of course, nothing makes me grouchier than someone pointing it out to me. *sneer* I mention the changing of the rooms "option" and Jack, disgusted, leaves it all up to me. Jack cuts his lunch time short to work on an assignment, but maybe he just doesn't want to be around his apparently chronically grouchy wife. Humphf.

1245: I check out the rooms available to us to see which would be best for the doggies. I let the front desk know and they tell me it will be later this afternoon before the room is ready. Fine. I'll do something else for the next few hours.

1245-1345: Waste time on Internet.

1345: The cool wife I got pedicure with weeks ago called me to see if I wanted to hang by the pool. Definitely!!

1400: On my way out the door, the front desk calls to tell me the room is ready. Later this afternoon my ass. Too bad. It will have to wait at least an hour while I pool hang.

1600: I drag my well rested butt in from the pool and Cool Wife offers to help me move! Sweet!

1800: Ahhhh, stuff moved into new room. And to think Jack Bauer complains about ME having too many shoes. He has sooo many more here than I do.

1900: Out of sheer frustration and exhaustion, I make the mistake of ordering Domino's for dinner. (Poor Jack pays for it the next morning running O-Hill. Sorry, my love.) Jack's got his assignment done and is in a better mood. (I think he's been the grouchy one. :P)

2000: Waste time on Internet.

2100: Crawl into bed, slightly less grouchy than when the day started, and watch Olympics as long as possible while falling asleep 15 times before finally giving up (how un-Olympic) and turn off the TV.

I did somehow make it through the day sans latte and B&J, although I did have a touch of chocolate hazelnut gelato, which seemed to hit the spot. So what started off as a bad day turned out to be OK. We've got a room closer to the outside door and it faces the garden so one one is walking outside. And I got to work on my tan. (Yeah, I am pretending I am 20 again.)