Sunday, August 10, 2008


Apparently, u-pick is not for me and Jack Bauer.

After a 20 minute hike up a mountainside, we made it to the peach orchard. As we walked through the rows of trees, all the fruit looked so far from ripe. Yet, people were scooping them up left and right and walking out with bags filled with these rock-hard, fuzzy orbs.

I guess I have gotten used to buying tree-ripened fruit. The kind that smells like the fruit when you pick it up. None of the fruit that the orchard had picked themselves smelled like this. Perhaps they have a large anosmic community or else people who like to have their fruit ripen on the counter not in nature.

Jack Bauer thought it was like going to Microsoft, writing your own software, and then paying for it. Or defending yourself in a lawsuit. I'm not sure about that. I doubt fruit picking requires some knowledge that requires years of experience and training.

Whatever it is like, we left the orchard sans fruit and went to Whole Foods and bought some nectarines that smelled like nectarines.

The trip wasn't a total loss. We got this picture of the peaches on the tree, we saw many butterflies, and the view from the mountain top was sensational.