Thursday, October 9, 2008

Almost home

While we were back in C-ville, Jack started looking on (Automated Housing Referral Network) for a place to rent. (Yes, our house in Middleville is still not sold; think that is going to change soon? Yeah, us neither.) One house in particular seemed to suit our needs. Jack was in touch with owner of the house through a few e-mails.

We checked it out a couple days ago and decided to drive by a few others that looked like they would suit our needs.

The house is just lovely. Three bedrooms + den, 2 full baths, large master suite with very large soaking tub and walk in shower, great kitchen/eating area/family room (perfect for how we live), washer/dryer, 3-car garage (i.e., extra storage area after getting both cars in the garage), 1.5 acres of low maintenance yard, and a formal living room that we don't know what to do with. AND it is within our BAH.

Down sides? It is about 12 miles from post. The yard is not fenced (we'll set up a couple of dog runs; we wouldn't be able to leave the dogs outside unattended anyway due to local wildlife). The painting inside, well, is, um, interesting. The master bedroom is a steely gold, one wall in the master bathroom is bright purple, the formal living room has a sponged yellow on it that does not go all the way to the ceiling or even cover much of the wall. And it looks like it was done by someone who has never painted before. Of course, paint is easily fixed.

Overall, it is perfect for us to unwind and relax.

We drove by a couple of other places. The first was off a dirt road that was in desperate need of improving (in fact a sign in someone yard looked like a campaign was being started to do just that) and our wimpy, decidedly un-Texan cars would crack under that kind of abuse and likely get stuck any time there was a rain. The next place we drove by was in a very crowded neighborhood right off the of the main highway. If I thought we lived on top of each other in Middleville, this place was at least twice as bad.

With limited options, we just decided to go with the one absolutely gorgeous, more-house-than-we-need with lots of breathing room. The lease is now signed. The utilities are almost completely set up. Movers deliver next Tuesday.