Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Operation Eagle Eye: Phase 4

Final Phase of Operation Eagle Eye to begin promptly at 0800 today.

Expectations: All household goods will be delivered and unpacked by careful operators. All packing material and boxes will be removed from the premises. Identify every blue tagged item and account for every box. Inspect all dishes and glassware for nicks, cracks, dings, etc. Assure recently reunited kitty remains inside the laundry room and undisturbed.

Personnel: Black Bear 6 (AKA BW) will be in charge of internal direction of goods. Black Bear 7 (AKA Jack Bauer) will be in charge of checking off numbers as the goods are unloaded from the truck.

Equipment: Lightning-fast eyes to catch all possible moves by the operators to get past BB6 or BB7 without proper direction. Signage labeling all rooms including those indicating "DO NOT ENTER" for the laundry/kitty room. Clipboard and pen for careful review of documentation.

Sustenance: Coffee and muffins for AM energy and pep. Sandwiches and sodas for lunch to keep the operators going.

Other pertinent information: Doggies are safely off premises for day care.